The Distillery District, 15 Case Goods Lane, Studio 404
Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3C4, CANADA.
TEL: 416.910.4543
The University of Montana, U.S.A
2010 A.W.O.L. Gallery. “Fire Trap”. Toronto, ON
2003 Alternator Gallery. “Testaments”. Kelowna, B.C
2003 ARC Gallery. “Child Pusher”. Chicago, IL, U.S.A
2001 West Wing Art Space. “Media Trap”. Toronto, ON
2001 Queen Mother. “Layers”. Toronto, ON
1999 Gallery 1313. “Luggage”. Toronto, ON
1999 A.W.O.L. Gallery. “Status Symbols”. Toronto, ON
1998 “Art in the Alley”. Toronto, ON
1998 Zinc Gallery. “Mousetraps”. Toronto, ON
2000 SPIN Gallery. “Our Darling” (with Catherine Heard), Toronto, ON
1996 ”Art in the Alley” Missoula, Montana, U.S.A
2008 PROOF Studio Gallery. “The Year of the Rat”. Toronto, ON
2007 A.W.O.L. Gallery. “Square Foot”. Toronto, ON
2004 James Baird Gallery. “Travelling Light”. Saint John’s, Newfoundland
2004 The Art Company. “Spring Thaw”. Toronto, ON
2004 Fran Hill Gallery. “Parrot”. Toronto. ON
2003 A.W.O.L. Gallery. “Square Foot”, Toronto, ON
2003 Mind Control. “Efficiency”. Toronto, ON
2002 Mercer Union. “If i had a hi fi: 2002 a Palindrome”. Toronto, ON
2002 ”The Distillery District Outdoor Art Exhibition”. Toronto, ON
2002 ”Art Strikes Back”. Toronto, ON
2001 White Water Gallery. Mail Art Show. North Bay, ON
2001 A.W.O.L. Gallery. “Standard”. Toronto, ON
2001 A Space Gallery. “The Lefty Show”. Toronto, ON
2001 Mercer Union. “A Love Story”. Toronto, ON
2000 West Wing Art Space. “Miracle”. Toronto, ON
2000 SPIN Gallery. “Last Century Modern”. Toronto, ON
2000 A.W.O.L. Gallery. “Blindness”. Toronto. ON
2000 A Space Gallery. “Long Hot Summer”. Toronto, ON
2000 A.W.O.L. Gallery. “Finding Home”. Toronto, ON
1999 The Art Firm. “1.1”. Toronto, ON
1998 BUS Gallery. “X-mas Fundraiser”. Toronto, ON
1996 Union Hall Art Show. Missoula, Montana, U.S.A
2004 ”Travelling Light”. Pouch Cove, Newfoundland (June-July)
2003 ”A Shifting Terrain: Contemporary Landscapes”. Alternator Gallery, Kelowna, British Columbia, (August-October)
2007 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche. Various projects. Toronto, ON
2004 ”Travelling Light” -site specific outdoor installation. Pouch Cove, Newfoundland
2003 “Media Trap -Kelowna”. An interactive outdoor installation. Kelowna, B.C.
2002 ”Squirrel Project”. An outdoor sculpture project. Toronto. ON
2001 ”The Lefty Show”. -off site Project. An interactive public art piece in conjunction with A Space Gallery. Trinity-Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON
2001 ”Media Trap”. An interactive outdoor installation. Toronto, ON
2000 ”Moose Trap”. Outdoor Sculpture (Part of Moose in the City). Toronto, ON
2000 ”Mind Control”. Window installation. Toronto, ON
2000 Pages Book store. Window installation. Toronto, ON
2000 “Suspect Sign Project”. An A-Frame sign project. Toronto, ON
2000 ”Teaching the Public New Tricks”. An A-Frame sign project. Toronto, ON
2010 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2008 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2002 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
2001 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
1999 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition
1999 Gallery 1313. “The Passion of Madness”. Toronto, ON
1996 The University of Montana Juried Art Exhibition. Missoula, Montana, U.S.A
1994 Visual Arts Mississauga 17th Juried Show of Fine Arts. Mississauga, ON.
2004 Pouch Cove Schoolhouse. Artist talk, Newfoundland,
2003 OCAD students. Artist talk at the Distillery. Toronto, ON
2003 Alternator Gallery. Artist talk. Kelowna, B.C
2003 John Fraser Secondary School. Artist Talk. Mississauga, ON
2001 John Fraser Secondary School. Artist Talk. MIssissauga, ON
2001 Queens University. Seminar: The Fine Art of Being a Professional. Kingston, ON
2001 West Wing Art Space. Artist Talk. Toronto. ON
2000 Visual Arts Ontario. Seminar: Getting Press. Toronto, ON
2000 SPIN Gallery. Artist Talk with Catherine Heard. Toronto, ON
2004 Pouch Cove Foundation Artist Scholarship
2004 Ontario Arts Council, Emerging Artist Grant
2002 Mississauga Arts Awards, Emerging Visual Artist Finalist, Best Sculptor
2000 Visual Arts Ontario, Emerging Artist Grant
1996 The University of Montana Juried Art Exhibition, Honourable Mention
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2002 dART International. “Artadz”. An art project designed by Steve Rockwell.
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